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Title: Eve: Vampire Diva #1
Publisher Name: Arcana
Writer: Frank J. LaPerch
Art: Ash Jackson
Full Color, $3.95

Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP - Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publishers Blurb:
Eve has to balance being a vampire warrior and a pop star diva. Those worlds collide when her agent, Herbie, signs her up for a 24/7 reality series. Plus, a figure from Eve’s past shows up and he isn’t happy.

Reviewer Comments:
I may have noted, in a recent review, the rampant trend of Buffy knock off comics coming out as of late. True as it may be, I most certainly have to make an exception for Eve: Vampire Diva, which most certainly falls into this category, but also breaks out to be a quality book in its own right.

The blurb, and frankly any impression you might have of the book without reading it, does not do it justice. The characters are far more developed and thought out than you'd expect. Eve, for instance, is not simply a pop star, but an aging pop star (the comic likens her to Cher, but with a younger appearance due to her vampiric immortality). While balancing this and being a vampire warrior who fights on the side of good, she's also got to deal with keeping a dwindling career alive... and her sleazeball agent. And to top it all off, she's not exactly on the "happy list" with a council of supernatural do-gooders to which she belongs.

Whew! So this issue we really learn about her and her lifestyle, the big evil (of course), the possibility of her dead boyfriend not being dead, and to throw a wrench in it: her agent wants her to do a reality show! Quite a bit going on.

I have to say, this book really strikes out on its own. Between the lively art, compelling story, and downright witty dialog, Eve brings it all home in a solid good read.