Title: Rostam: Return of the King
Publisher Name: Hyperwerks
Writer: Robert Napton
Art: Karl Alstaetter
5.95, 32 pages, Color

Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP - Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publishers Blurb:
Book 2 – Rostam: Return of the King
The comic book adaptation of the classic Persian tale. Story of Kai-Kavous and Soudabeh adapted from the original epic poem The Shahnameh, by Ferdowsi. 32 pg. ISBN 10: 0-9770213-2-7

Reviewer Comments:
Another adaption from the Persian epic poem, this issue blew the first one out of the water. The story of how the king of Iran met and won his beautiful and clever wife, this makes for some really good reading.

Robert Napton must have had an easier time converting poetry to panels, because gone is that sense of choppiness from the first issue. This story flows smoothly, like...well, like poetry.

Karl Alstaetter's artwork is gorgeous. The mouths are more mobile, people smile more in this issue, and the eyes are super expressive. The first splash page of young King Kai-Kavous, sitting bored upon his throne is gorgeous. The detail is amazing. Mike Garcia's colors are bit darker and at times murkier, than Campos' were, but he manages a very solid, almost sculpted feel to some of the figures.

Love, war, and betrayal, all the elements of a good mythic adventure come together for this adaption. Definitely worth the look.