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Thread: Vavavavoom! # 2

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    Vavavavoom! # 2

    Title: Vavavavoom! # 2
    Publisher Name: Palisades press
    Writer: Paul Monsky
    Art: Rudy Nebres, Atula Siriwardane, James Ritchey III, Kevin Rasel, and Ed Coutts
    5.00, 48 pages, Black & White

    Safety Content Label: PARENTAL ADVISORY - 15 years and older. Similar to T+ but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.

    Publishers Blurb:
    In the Golden Age of Comic Books, many series had issues composed of several different tales. Sometimes, the stories would have a similar theme, for instance, all westerns or all mystery men and women, but different characters would be featured in a single issue. Some characters may have had stories that were completed in a single issue and some stories would be more serialized. The result was a greater variety of content per issue but with an overarching theme. The theme of VaVaVaVoom! is Good Girl Art in the tradition of the Elvgren girl or comic book artists like Matt Baker and Bob Powell! VaVaVaVoom! the comic book is scheduled to run three issues. VaVaVaVoom! Online will have additional content! The stories will reflect a variety of interests. There will be a little something for most - jungle adventurers, superheroines, barbarians, spacegirls, detectives, but with an emphasis on entertainment for all with stories exhibiting the Bronze Age vibe of the 1970's comic books of the author's youth. The storytelling focus is the adventure demonstrating the characters' attributes, only one of which is their beauty. These will be stories with characters who are beautiful, not stories about beautiful women. As such, the stories should appeal to anyone who is a fan of strong, smart, confident, competent, beautiful women! The goal is fun! I hope you enjoy!

    Reviewer Comments:
    Paul Monsky's stories manage to balance the unlikely combo of empowering women while objectifying them. Not an easy task I can tell you.

    Do you remember the golden age pulps? Good Girl art? Bondage covers? Pin-ups? Well, so do Monsky and co, and they bring it all back in this vintage feeling anthology. It's like 30's pulp by way of 70's indies and makes for an interesting read.

    Let's face it, Monsky has amassed a group of extremely talented artist, all gifted in their ability to draw the female form.

    I think my favorites were MONSTER with Kevin Rasel, and TARYN with Atula Siriwardane. Rasel's art in Monster is HEAVY METAL worthy, and the story is clever and fun.
    Atula Siriwardane is at his Buscema like best in this sword & sorcery tale.
    ACE, with a buxom young physicist-turned-masked-crime-fighter is noteworthy, especially for it's heroines believable inner monologue and demeanor. It was a bit of jolt, to remember that this WASN'T a long lost pulp tale, when the mobster bad-guys whip out a cell-phone and start taking pictures. I was that lost in the look and feel of the book.
    Nebres and Coutts do some stunning work in THE OBJECTIVE, an iny/Lara Croft style adventure. Truly beautiful.
    And, Coutts again delivers breath-taking artwork for SMOKE & MIRRORS a detective story involving prestidigitation and pirates.

    If you like Pulp stories, a variety of genres, really hot chicks drawn by really talented artists, clever stories, all wrapped in one Heavy Metal-esque magazine of the femme fatale, well...check out VAVAVAVOOM!
    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

    CAT. 5

  2. PaulM Guest

    Hi, all,

    I'm the writer of this comic book, and if this great review (thanks to Seb from Project Fanboy) has you interested, the book (all 3 issues so far of VaVaVaVoom! actually, can be purchased from (search "vavavavoom"). For any interested retailers, it's also in the catalog of!

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