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    Facebook Comic Con!

    Do you have a facebook account? Do you like comic cons? Well now you can have both!

    Here's the letter posted by comic talent and FACEBOOK COMIC CON founder, Michael Netzer:

    Facebook Comic Con is an unofficial virtual comics convention at Facebook. Inspired by Ed Reliuga, FBCC hopes to provide a 'convention away from conventions'. for the countless comics professionals and fans on Facebook.

    Some of our objectives:

    1} Facebook Comic Con aspires to give comics creators and fans a well deserved voice of prominence. To utilize Facebook tools in order to strengthen comics fandom within the global community.

    2) Upcoming events will include panel discussions on comics and the world. Guests will include the grandest comics professionals in the field, most of whom are registered on Facebook.

    3) We strive to transform Facebook Comic Con into a venue for disenfranchised comics creators. To promote their work. And to help compensate for conditions which make it difficult for the many creators who find themselves not working in comics today.

    3) We believe that in as much as comics properties are on the rise in world culture, so must the lot of comics creators improve so that no one who's contributed to this industry is neglected.

    4) We believe that all these goals are attainable within the emerging global communications systems, of which Facebook is a leading pioneer.

    As an incentive to launch this effort, founder Michael Netzer is offering a free online convention sketch to the first 1,000 members to register at the con and who request a sketch. Requests will be accepted as a wall post on the events page for this offer, in this group. Sketches will be uploaded to photos section in low rez web format. High rez files for printing will be emailed to everyone wishing them.

    Let's get the show on the road with an effort to inform every comics fan (and non-comics fans) about it. Tell your friends and tell them to tell their friends. Facebook Comic Con is here!

    Don't forget to urge your favorite comics professionals, in your friendly network, to register as guests and take advantage of the grand exposure this convention will provide. Comics professionals will be appointed a special guest status as officers of the convention, upon registering.

    Be of good cheer, a big day for the comics awaits on Facebook! Help FBCC bring this great day!
    You can attend the con at FACEBOOK COMIC CON
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    "Living Robert Venditti's Plan B!"

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