There's a great indie series out there you need to know about. Horror is king once again. With the advent of the Great Zombie Movement readers everywhere are sponging up everything the market is throwing at them. There are so many great titles right now its hard to catch everything. And a lot of what you do catch might seem like a lame attempt to just ride the wave of what's cool and popular. But what about what's under the radar - the really good stuff you know is good when you see it but you don't know where to find it?

Let me introduce you to Cold Blooded Chillersfrom the imaginings of screen writer R.M. Heske. Here are a few quotes about his twisted series:

psychological suspense at its best. - USA Today

These tales take me back to the in dependant horror comics of the early 90's that featured interesting tales and up and coming artists. Sometimes the evil that man does is greater than any type of monster you can imagine. Robert Heske has found his niche in this sub-genre of horror that is often forgotten. - Comic Monsters

the story lines take us on a dark, twisted, wicked journey through “tales of suburban murder and malice”. If you enjoy bizarre, dramatically inked tales of murder with surprise endings these comics are for you! - Gothic Blend

And these are just some of the quotes from numerous reviews on the series. And our own Ashton Gage right here at Project Fanboy wrote, What happens when you take the human mind and give it the look and feel we see so often in reality, but try to ignore it’s presence? You get a series that is sure to raise a few eyebrows, and maybe even question what the guy next door is really doing at night.

In short, this is the real deal. It's not another attempt to capitalize on zombies or vampires. This is real horror about real monsters: us. There's an edge of Twilight Zone with a twist of Alfred Hitchcock about Cold Blooded Chillers. And the art is stunningly beautiful, reminiscent of the horror art of the past. Do not miss #3. Click below and order your copy. And while your at it check out 1 and 2 as well.