Title: Cold Blooded Chillers #1
Publisher Name: Heske Horror
Writer: R.M. Heske
Art: Scitt Austin, Zeu, Preston Asevedo, and Neil Morrissey
$3.00, 40 pages, Black & White

Safety Content Label: PARENTAL ADVISORY - 15 years and older. Similar to T+ but featuring more mature themes and/or more graphic imagery.

Publishers Blurb:
Three Blood Chilling stories;LOST AND FOUND:A mall cop helps a distraught teen search for her missing sister.Art & Lettering done by: Scott Austin,FALSE PRETENSES:A web date becomes a dead date. Art: Eliseu "ZEU" Gouveia Lettering done by: Alain Norte,THE WAITING ROOM:
A businessman's past and present collide at an auto body shop.Art by: Preston Asevedo and Lettering done by: Jesse James Wroblewski, MISHAP:One fatal accident leads to another ... and another. Art & Lettering by: Neil Morrissey,Stories by Robert Heske Cover and inside cover art by Mark Chilcott

Reviewer Comments:
A new anthology of twisted blunt trauma horror. What happens when you take the human mind and give it the look and feel we see so often in reality, but try to ignore it’s presence? You get a series that is sure to raise a few eyebrows, and maybe even question what the guy next door is really doing at night.

From modern dialogue, to a black and white look that fits nicely in a series like this you get a brand new horror anthology. The stories all have a nice twist to them, and in issue one keep to a very creepy look and feel. While also stemming very far from actual monsters, and more like the ones that shop at our malls, and go to the same bars as us. Even to a story that questions karma to some degree. If you like twisted, if you like real horror, you’ll like this series.