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Title: Zombie Tales: The Series # 3
Publisher Name: BOOM! Studios
Writer: Kesel, Lansdale, Messner-Loebs
Art: Reed, Barreto, Reed
3.99, 24 pages, Color

Safety Content Label: T+ TEENS AND UP - Appropriate for most readers 13 and up, parents are advised that they might want to read before or with younger children.

Publishers Blurb:
Experience the fatal finale of Joe R. Lansdale’s zombie-battlefield epic, “THE WAR AT HOME”! Plus, what’s hungrier after the apocalypse than a zombie? Writer Karl Kesel (FANTASTIC FOUR) is more than happy to show you…at your own risk. ZOMBIE TALES—bringing out your undead every month!

Reviewer Comments:
Wow. In a market over-saturated in Zombie books, it’s amazing how well this issue holds up. Of course, considering the talent involved, it really shouldn’t be that big a surprise. These guys are well known for spinning lead into gold. For a book filled with rotting meat, Zombie Tales # 3 sure smells sweet!

Our first story is Kesel and Reed’s “Last Call in Devil’s Bend”. Simply brilliant. Zombies getting their butts whipped by a hot biker chick with a drinking problem. Can it get any better? Yes. Yes it can. And it does. In the last two panels Kesel demonstrates once again why he’s the top-notch writer he is. The man takes the over-used zombie concept, and adds a dash of an even MORE over used horror staple, mixes well, and serves us a tall cold glass of refreshment with a twist, straight up! Cheers!

While Lansdale & Barreto’s “The War at Home, Part Three: The Ice-Cream Ride” may be more traditional fare, it’s still well done. And, c’mon, it’s Eduardo Barreto!! What’s not to love? Barreto’s style harkens back to the old E.C. horror books of yore without being deliberate enough to distract from the story. Lansdale truly captures the growing desperation of our heroes in this fire-to-frying pan finale. His timing and pacing of the story keep you right at the edge of your seat. And, what could be MORE desperate, than an escape plan that hinges on an ice-cream truck?

Our final vision comes to us with art once again by John Reed. This time drawing Messner-Loebs clever little story, “5 Stars”. I loved this. Granted, I’d almost have to, as I am by no means a big fan of film critics. I realize that may be ironic coming from a guy who reviews comics, but what can I say. I like to think I’m not as pretentious as the type of critcs (we all know them) being lampooned here. Plus the Zombie reviewer is brilliant! It just goes to show you, that everyone has their own perspective on things, and movies are no exception!